LI Jing,PAN Yongfei,WANG Yinglie,et al.Research Progress of Green Primary Explosive[J].EXPLOSIVE MATERIALS,2019,48(04):1-10.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-8352.2019.04.001]





Research Progress of Green Primary Explosive
LI Jing;? PAN Yongfei;? WANG Yinglie;? LIU Yajing
① China Academy of Ordnance Science (Beijing, 100089)
② Xi’an Modern Chemistry Research Institute (Shaanxi Xi’an, 710065)
green primary explosive;? tetrazole primary explosive;? furazan primary explosive;? azide primary explosive;? energetic material
Traditional primers such as lead azide and lead stefanate have great pollution to the environment due to their heavy metals, and their application is greatly limited. Green primer is a kind of primer that does not contain lead, mercury and other heavy metals. It has certain stability and explosive performance. It is one of the hot topics in the field of pyrotechnics research. In this paper, the research progress of green primary explosive in recent years is briefly reviewed from the perspectives of its formulation, performance and application. The development direction and trend of green primary explosive research are clarified. Several important directions for future research were pointed out. It needs to explore new synthetic routes and optimize its technological conditions, realize safe, large-scale and stable preparation of green primary explosive, further establish and perfect the norms and standards for theoretical design, performance evaluation, demonstration and verification of green primary explosive. It is needed to continue to develop the basic research on design, synthesis and application of new green high-energy primary explosive, further improve the comprehensive performance of primary explosive and realize its application in initiating explosive device as soon as possible. Design and selection of suitable ligands and metal ions and the control of reaction conditions are of great significance to the systematic study of the structure and properties of high nitrogen heterocyclic coordination compound green primary explosive.


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